Archive for June 26, 2005

Misery and Joy. Change and Change.

As miserable and unhappy as I am, which is about as low as I think I’ve ever felt, I also know I’m doing the right thing. This is probably the best set of choices I’ve ever made. This is the most painful experience I have ever been through, but from pain comes great art, as they say. This is the right direction now. Moving back into a more creative, a more open me, more honest with myself and with other people. I’m no longer living a lie, living under a thick cloak of denial. Yes, peeling that cloak back causes grean anguish, like a vampire in the sunrise, but that sunrise will burn away the dead layers, and in the end I will be reborn as I should be. The real me. I think I can see that version of me in the distance.

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