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I just had to share this one.

A language where “coward” is an insult marks a possibly dangerous species. — Larry Niven

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More Firefox ideas…

I started with this idea a couple weeks ago. Well, I decided, why not blog a few more. Ideas are good to spread around, as you have a better chance to make it happen.

First up is some New Tab issues. Linux folks have -remote openURL([url], new-tab) but those of us on Win32 have no external options for specifying a new tab or window, only one-size-fits-all preference settings. I’m so used to middle-clicking links in Mailnews that I don’t think I can bear going back.

And the ability to specify a new tab using the target= attribute on links would be nice too, but that ship has sailed.

Another tab thing would be tab-reordering built in. Asa blogged about an extension called MiniT+indicator, but a simple featureset like this should be built into Firefox.

Ever use Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, or Acrobat Reader? I love how holding the spacebar lets your grab and move the document around freely. I would absolutely adore an extenstion that added this feature. And not just for pages; for images that are larger than the viewport it would rock too (no, I hate image auto-resizing so don’t even speak of it). Anything with a scrollbar.

I’m sure I’ll think of more later on, or rather, remember more later on. 🙂

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How to make Firefox irresistable

So far, Firefox has really been kicking ass and taking names. But a recent letter to Infoworld from a happy convert made me stop and think for a moment. The user’s only complaints were a few rare sites coded for IE, and of course Microsoft’s Windows Update. Now,there’s not much we can do about sites coded for IE, but there is something we can do about Windows Update. If you change your user agent string to look like IE, the Windows Update site loads fine, with some minor visual differences, although the ActiveX control doesn’t load since Firefox doesn’t support AX controls. But there is some work on supporting AX, such as with limited instances of AX in Netscape. Lots of people bemoan the fact they still need to use IE for Windows Update, in fact. So, what we need is an extension specifically written for Windows Update. It could come with a custom style sheet so the page renders better, and some mechanism for triggering the AX control on Windows systems when the Windows Update site is visited. Yes, this would only be useful for one site, but that one site is incredibly important for Windows users, and the ability to use it would give many people the reason to never load IE again.

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