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Google lowers IPO share price expectations.

For the hell of it, I got a Google IPO Auction Bidder ID. Not that I had the money to buy any, just for kicks. This morning, some interesting info came through the pipe.

Please be advised that the prospectus for the offering of Google’s Class A common stock will be amended to change the estimated offering price range and the number of shares to be sold in the offering. The offering price is now expected to be between $85 and $95 per share. Google expects to sell 14,142,135 shares of Class A common stock in the offering as originally filed. The selling shareholders are reducing the shares they expect to sell to approximately 5.5 million shares in view of this new price range. This is a reduction of approximately 6.1 million shares. In addition, the selling shareholders have granted the underwriters the right to purchase approximately 2.9 million additional shares of Class A common stock at the initial public offering price to cover over-allotments.

I guess the auction didn’t go quite as well as planned. I personally figured $135 a share was high, but I didn’t think the price would come in $40-$50 a share less than anticipated. Interesting though…

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