Wanted: Google Search History Extension

Ok, at this moment, I’m trying to retrace a browsing-path I made two to four days ago. History isn’t helpful here, as I’m looking for paths that I took through Google. So, I realized something. A Google Search History extension for Mozilla or Firefox would be a huge help. But something far more than IE’s pathetic little dropdown. Maybe that would be a start at least. Give the Googlebox Search box in Firefox a dropdown history of the past X days or past X searches entered there. Then you could build on it that the extension would remember which links you visited from the search result, and show you their URLs, or generate a page with only the links you visited from that search term’s result list. Like how you can browse where images in your cache came from. Or has this invention already been invented?


yeah, this has been taken care of by Google.


you’ve got to have it logged in when you conduct your search if you want your search path to be recorded, so plan ahead.

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