Dead Horse #2

These days, it seems that as technology companies evolve their product lines in the march towards ubiquitousness (and yet not commoditized), and greater accessability for the masses, they are leaving behind a very important group. Those of us who can be described as technophiles, geeks, hackers, (even enthusiasts to some) are being left behind with the oversimplificaion of products. Yes, most products don’t need to be as complex as they are for the majority of users. But those of us who prefer to see the gears turn, tinker with the innards, and get our hands dirty are being locked out and spoon fed the pablum that is modern computer related technologies.

Often times, many of us would (and do) pay a bit more for the next level of product. Let Joe Sixpack buy Widget Standard. We want Widget Pro. We want to be able to get at the core. 99% of car buyers and users do not care about the spark gap, engine timing, cylinder offset angle, etc. But for those who DO, auto manufacturers cater with high end parts, technical manuals, and loads of other goods for the engineer in all of us.

To manufacturers: Don’t weld the hood shut, just bolt it, and let those of us who want to peek underneath do so.