I like the night.
The small hours of the morning,
when everything is as still as stone.
I feel absolutely alive then.
And now, there's a slight breeze.
It's cold. You cam smell the winter coming.
I like the smell of winter in the early morning.
To me, it's a very warm and familiar smell.
And then there is the winter morning fog.
I love to wander through the winter morning fog.
The world is very small, but is always changing
in the winter morning fog.
And everything is quiet.
The world is afraid to be loud, for fear of upsetting the fog.
If you upset the winter morning fog, it might change the world,
right around you it stays the same, but when you walk away you're somewhere else.
You shouldn't upset the winter morning fog.
It's a wonderful, ephemeral maze. Just wander around and enjoy it.
And when you get home, smile, and thank the winter morning fog.
Sit at the window with a stuffed animal and a cup of cocoa,
and watch the winter morning go home until tomorrow.
That stuffed animal knows a lot about the winter morning fog.
Stuffed animals are very wise, and they're always right.
They know when you're sad,
and they know exactly what to say to cheer you up.
And they know how to be very quiet, and when to be quiet too.
They can be just as quiet as the small hours of the morning.