Never in the daylight, love...

A man walks down the street,
a barren street
he walks to find her.
The one he's lost,
he doesn't know where she's gone to hide.

A woman turns a corner,
she walks with a rapid pace.
She draws attention but not for her pace,
it is her face that draws attention.
She looks worried,

He had love, he had all he wanted,
he had her.
But he didn't have her love,
when he threw away the key,
the key to his own heart.

She had things, lovely things.
She had things of beautiful colors,
but she didn't want things,
she wanted to be loved,
loved like she once was,
but that is gone now.

So now he wanders,
and she wanders,
He walks through streets of tin,
she walks through streets of gold,
as tinnish as a man with nothing,
as golden as the freedom she tastes.

They both walk away from a hollow love,
under the atomic skies...