There's Linda in 319.
Tomorrow she's going to find out she's pregnant.
She's also going to get crushed when a delivery truck tips over onto her.

Jonathan in 205.
He's going to ask his girlfriend to marry him.
She's going to tell him that she's going off to Europe, to marry another.

Evelyn and Roger in 420 are lying next to each other.
She's sleeping soundly, but he's staring at the ceiling.
He's trying to figure out how to tell her he wants a divorce.
He decides not to. He'll just leave instead. That way he doesn't have to look
into her eyes and see the tears.
He won't have to explain it to his four-year-old daughter either. After all, he didn't want the kid...

At night, there are lots of disturbances.
Most of them are silent, but they keep you awake anyway.

It's too bad no one heard tonight's loudest disturbance.
James in 212 hung himself in his closet.
When the police find him four weeks from now, they'll read his note:

I'm sorry. I failed again, and I've hurt everyone again.
I just can't live any more. I don't know how, and it's too
late to learn. Please forgive me. I just can't.

Unfortunatley, forgive and forget will come all to easy for James. They
won't find his parents, and his file will be lost on some unused desk before
falling into the waste bin. He won't even
get on to the obituary page.

At night, there are lots of disturbances.
None of them are silent, but we don't listen.
After all, you need a good night's sleep...