I would stare out the windows
at midnight, one, two,
even until three in the morning.
Taking in the moonlight.
I would walk the streets of these calm neighborhoods,
breathing oh so slowly.
Just a shell of a man searching for a
Stoic, like a stone wall, on the outside,
a frigid ocean miles deep,
with tidal waves in open waters on the inside.
Swollen mountains of icy water
crashing onto shores of broken rock.
A vague, grey sky, indistinct light with no discernable source,
just a sullen quilted sky...
But then She appeared on my shore,
and I was pulled from deep under those waves of oblivion,
and washed up at her feet.
She did not discard me, but held me in her hands,
and in her heart, there was the sun the sky had not known in eons...
Her light warmed my skin,
and deep within myself,
the soul that I longed for crawled from the darkness into her light,
revealed by her, like no one before.
In moments, lifetimes passed,
and I became part of her,
and she became part of me.

I no longer wander the halls of memory alone.
She is here, forever.
With her eternal love,
I have taken flight, to soar with her, like Mercury...

(1-22-97, 3:28am) a poem of love and devotion...