So, you’d like to contact me, eh? Well, turns out you came to the right page. There are several methods you can use.

  • Email: Send an email to grey @ this domain. This is probably what you want.
  • Comments: If there’s a post here you’d like to respond to, fire up the old mouse and click the “Comment” button!
  • Skype: You can skype me, either chat or voice, My Skype name is greyhodge. Chances are you’ll just get my voice mail, but I listen to it.
  • Phone: I hate talking to people on the phone, so unless you already have my number, you don’t need it, and I’m not sharing it.
  • Smoke signals: Smoke signals are surprisingly effective, and underutilized these days. However, the range isn’t that good, and they’r hard to see at night. Stick with email.