Burnt Electrons is a venture of Grey Hodge, founder of The Cloudy Group. The following tools have been used it construction:

  • WordPress: WordPress is an open source content management and publishing system released under the GPLv2. It’s written in PHP and uses MySQL for storage.
  • Dreamweaver CS3: Adobe Dreamweaver is an excellent visual design tool and a fantastic code editor for all web-development projects. It’s much much more than a simple WYSIWYG editor, although it’s standards complaince in Design mode could use a little more polishing. It generaly renders better than IE but not as well as Firefox (and other Gecko browsers), Opera, or Safari (and other Webkit browsers).
  • Photoshop CS3: The world leader and gold standard for image editing and creation.
  • Win32Pad: A fabulous little text editor. Small, fast, lightweight, but with several features Notepad sorely lacks. Anyone who brags they only write code in Notepad shouldn’t brag about using Notepad.
  • Search and Replace for Windows: It’s like grep  and sed but with a GUI, and very much worth every penny.
  • Tunnelier:  Bar none the best SSH and SFTP app for Windows. In addition to all the standard features you’d expect form any decent SSH or SFTP client, it facilitates easy SSH tunneling (as noted by the name), and RDP support if you’re logging into Bitvise’s WinSSHD server. Also, it’s free for individuals and up to 4 users per organization.
  • Winamp: Gotta keep the music rolling.
  • Dreamhost: For over 4 years, Burnt Electrons has made it’s home at Dreamhost, and I’ve recommened many clients to them as well. I honestly feel they’re a great host for shared hosting and virtual private servers, and their customer service is second to none, in my opinion.

If you’re curious as to the title font, it’s NeutraFace by House Industries. Incredible font named for an incredible architect.